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WIP~ Dappled Willow
Trying something a little different... Need to do more stuff like this.

Painting based on my own references of this gorgeous perennial shrub I bought this summer- Dappled Willow. It's so beautiful.

Still rough and largely unfinished lol
"And I was running far away
Would I run off the world someday?
Nobody knows, nobody knows
And I was dancing in the rain
I felt alive and I can't complain
But now take me home
Take me home where I belong
I can't take it anymore"

- Runaway by Aurora

Watch me paint it here (sped up a lot):


Time: 6.5 hours (I was kind of distracted lol).
Sketch~ Beach horse
Thinking about recording me painting this :o Let me know if you guys would be interested in that.…
Process~ Chase the Sun + Step by Step Description
Process of my latest painting, viewable here:

Description is from left to right, staring from the top.

First picture: Rough sketch/concept. Because the background I had in mind was rather simple, there are no background lines. Captures the basic shape, expression, movement of the subject. Tack is included as is the mane. Since there is more detail in the tack and mane, I put a little extra effort into sketching the braids, the buckles, etc.

Second picture: Base colours. Basic idea of the background and colours sets the mood for the subject. I lay down flat colours for my horse. Although chestnut horses are pretty much all one colour, the mane on this one is a little more saturated so I make sure to include that in my base.

Third picture: Starting shading. I start by fleshing out the horse bit by bit. I like to concentrate on the body of the horse before the mane, and the face in particular. Slowly carving out the muscles and adding a base for the nostrils, ears,  and eye.

Fourth picture: Big jump. I continued building up my tones. I add the eye, finish up the nostrils and the ears. I don't add too many highlights yet. I concentrate on trying to blend everything out a bit. Fill out the tack. I then begin work on the braids, which was a bit tedious. I start by tracing out the shape of the braid with a dark brown. I then start adding the strands of hair from dark to light. Later I will add stray hairs and some highlights so they don't look like rigid bricks on the horse's head LOL

Fifth picture: Braids are done and look much more flowing. More like braids, less like bricks is good. I go back to the body of the horse and really blend everything. I then add some highlights, especially on the shoulder muscles, bridge of the nose and the top of the horse's neck. I begin work on the fur layer, starting from dark-light as I always like to :D This is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the highlights and bring a wider range of colours to the subject. Note the furry ears :3 I also add some more definition to the horse's wrinkly chin and muzzle.

Sixth Picture: Finishing touches. I fix up the background, but it looked a little too bland. I decide to add some particles of light. This is a fantasy piece so we can get away with such things ;) I add a lot of highlights, especially around the edges of the horse and tack. I add shadows to the reins, tack, braids and behind the ears- anywhere that makes sense.

Final piece: Just some slight colour corrections, little bit of blurring. I played with motion blur but didn't like it. Also I forgot the second rein -_- Clearly IN the sketch. Did not remember it until... Okay so actually just now as I was writing this but SHHHHHHH. >.>''

Okay, I hope it was helpful. I'm kind of tired from a ridiculous cleanfest I just undertook and exercise earlier XDD I hope it makes sense.

Refs (for final piece):
Zelda BOTW screenshots.…
Chase the Sun (Zelda BOTW Fanart)
"Follow me to where the rivers meet
Tell me I belong to you
Feel the grass crumble beneath your feet
Set me free and let me loose"

Adore (Acoustic)- Jasmine Thompson

IT'S DONE!!! I love it!

It has been a crazy month. I got sick, my dog got sick, my bf got sick. Birthday. Crazy at work. But it's done and it's beautiful :D

This is inspired by my time, aka many hours, playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Riding all over Hyrule atop my trusty steed- Sundancer. And that is almost exactly what she looks like in game, and the background is based on a real location in the game :D Gief nerd points pls.

Probably my favourite painting I've done in a while and I hope to be more regular with my submissions from here on out.

Zelda BOTW screenshots.…
Hey guys,

Sorry I've been absent this month. After having my dog put down, I needed some time to think and grieve. I thought that maybe it wouldn't hit me so hard, because I knew that she was very old, very sick (she had been living with dementia that got progressively worse), and that it was just time- her quality of life was no longer there. Yet, knowing all of that and being able to sort of "schedule" her euthanasia, and having my whole family be there when the time came... It didn't really help. It just made me wonder if I did everything I could for her, and I regretted the times I got frustrated with her. Dementia is probably one of the worst things I've had to deal with in a pet. She just wasn't herself anymore. Fetch was the only game she loved to play, but she'd just watch the ball roll. She'd always adored cats, but she grew to dislike and even growl at them. She loved the outdoors, hiking and adventure but she didn't like walks anymore. She was always a people loving dog, but she no longer liked affection. None of this was her fault, but it was heartbreaking to see. I can't imagine what it's like to see in a loved one.

My dad and family saw how devastated I was after we had to put her down. It was hard to come home to a house without a dog, when I had been used to it for the past decade. They encouraged me to look into rescuing another dog. I looked for a while, and honestly it just made me feel more sad. Then I came across a dog that really reminded me of my Toby- that same look in her eye. I have gone through the process to adopt her and she is now home with me. It was sort of rocky at first- it kind of made me feel more sad and anxious, but now I'm really happy I did it. In some ways, she's a lot like Toby, but in other ways she is completely different. I will post some photos of her soon.

Anyway, that is where I've been and I'm happy to be back.
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Thanks for the favourites, watches, etc. ahead of time! I really appreciate it :D I also randomly give Llamas to deviants if I see them say something nice, being very helpful or as thanks for favourites/watches, etc. No need to thank me for that! ^^

Here's my motto: "But nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight -- Got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight"



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