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By the Beach Process~ by ChellytheBean
By the Beach Process~
A painting of a friend I made. Have a love/hate relationship with this painting, but here's a process nevertheless. 

I don't know if anyone is really interested in a walkthrough. I think I'm pretty horrible at explaining things anyway lol Let me know if you do want a detailed walkthrough like I do with most of my other processes.

More processes in my gallery~~

Finished Painting:
Golden Process by ChellytheBean
Golden Process
This was just a quick one that I did. Not going to add a walkthrough at this time, as I think it's pretty self explanatory XP

Finished painting:
Reaching Out~ Process by ChellytheBean
Reaching Out~ Process
Full piece here:

Walkthrough, panel by panel:

Picture 1: Rough Sketch. Usually my sketches are more detailed than this, but because a lot of the picture would be blurred and the pattern on the blanket was quite intricate, I decided to leave those out of the sketch this time~ 

Picture 2: I forgot to take a screenie when I had blocked in all the base colours, but the background colour is very important. If you take a painting that has a pure white background, and change it to black it alters the whole picture. So starting with your background is important, even if it is rough or just the base colour! :D

Picture 3: I focus my attention on 2 things only- the cat (focal point), and the intricate pattern of my comforter. I start by placing basic colours with a large brush with high opacity. As I get more detail oriented, the opacity and size of the brush is lowered. For furry animals, I don't usually blend the base too much- fur will cover it up and the texture adds to it!

Picture 4: Now that I have blocked in the full blanket, I blur the base of the cat and focus on the fur. The face is the most important because it is 1. the most interesting part of the cat (for most) and it is what will be in focus. I work section by section putting little hairs down. My cat is very very dark brown mackeral tabby. She has a lot of cream-coloured hairs scattered across her face that give her an exotic look. I find painting fur very forgiving. You can always add more colours and it will add depth. To "blend" fur more, if it looks too blocked, use the hairs- not the smudge or blur tool. For example, my kitty has creamy-tan fur around her mouth that needs to blend into the black stripes of her cheeks. To do this, I simply draw a few tan hairs into the black, and then I draw some black hairs receding back into the tan. I hope that makes sense. It makes it look less uniform and more natural. Remember, fur isn't always perfect- it can be messy :D

Picture 5: All the fur is done, mostly. I use smaller details on the parts that will be in focus and gradually increase the brush size as I move onto the parts that will be out of focus. The closer to the camera, the less in focus. This can also be done the reverse with the paw in focus and her face out of focus! It all depends on what you want. I add some stray hairs too, because like I said before- fur isn't perfect. She's not a teddy bear, and making fur look too uniform will make them resemble a plush toy.

Picture 6: I know I know. A lot of changes.

I decide to scrap the background objects. I want full attention on the cat. It's a painting, not a photograph so this opens up the chance for a more dramatic background colour. I use a textured splatter brush to add a bit of texture to the background. I also blend out the comforter a bit, blur the out of focus areas on the cat and comforter. I intensify the green of her eyes to make them pop, while also adding more colour interest to her coat- she was looking a little bland. More colour is usually better :) I add many stray hairs for realism. To tie in the blanket to the background, I use a few clipping masks so it doesn't look too cool-toned in the contrast. 

Finally, because the new background is brighter behind her, I use a clipping mask over my kitty and highlight some of the areas closest to that white area and add some stronger highlights where necessary. 

I hope this helps and makes sense~ 
Reaching Out by ChellytheBean
Reaching Out

"Your friendship has brought glorious technicolor to my life. It’s been there even in the darkest of times.
And I am the luckiest person alive for that gift. I hope I didn’t take it for granted. I think, maybe I did.
Because sometimes, you don’t see that the best thing that’s ever happened to you is sitting there, right under your nose."

NOTE: I realized this made it seem like a mourning piece, but my kitty Sorsha is still very much alive and hopefully shall remain that way for many more years to come~~~

I don't think anyone could understand this unless they too have had a strong bond with their pet. It doesn't matter what I do, who I side with, what I wear or how I'm feeling. My cat is always there. Through the good, through the bad, through the weeks that just fly by and the ones that drag me through the mud. I have other cats, but not like her. She's my best friend, and even if I had absolutely nothing- I'd still have her. She's happy to just sit by my side. She watches me paint. Sits in the bathroom while I take a shower. Sits on the table while I make my lunch before work. She's excited when I come home, and sad when I leave. There's an understanding between us, and that is hard to accomplish without words.

Yup. I love my cat. Trust me, she's not "just a cat", she's got quite the little personality. More so than some people, ha. 

I know, I'm getting pretty sappy here and people may think I'm crazy but oh well. I owe it to her to speak my mind about it, even if no one agrees :P 

Hey everyone :) Last night I decided to compile a timeline of my art, from my first paintings to my most recent. I think I have made good progress. A lot of the earlier paintings aren't even posted here on DA, haha.

You can view the slideshow here: 

Thanks for watching guys :) I really appreciate all of your comments!
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Chelly Bean
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Thanks for the favourites, watches, etc. ahead of time! I really appreciate it :D I also randomly give Llamas to deviants if I see them say something nice, being very helpful or as thanks for favourites/watches, etc. No need to thank me for that! ^^

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Progressive rock/metal, experimental or avant-garde
Favourite photographer: Edward S. Curtis
Favourite style of art: Everything :)
MP3 player of choice: Ipod :D
Personal Quote: Here's part of my motto: "Got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight"

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